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Charlie Wilson and Kanye West did a partnership and made an overwhelming song titled “Brothers”, which is written for the Debut of BET’s drama series called “Tales”. The song depicts brotherhood in which the artists get nostalgic about past friendships and much more between old friends. You are not going to regret after listening to this song, trust us. For more information about Brothers Song, keep moving your cursor down.

Song Credits Overview

Artist Irv Gotti, Charlie Wilson, Seven & other
Song Brothers
Release Date July 2, 2019
Bit Rate 320kbps

Download Charlie Wilson & Kanye West Brothers mp3 Song in 320kbps HD For Free

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We’ll be brothers foreverr

What happens to one of

us happens too us together

& we’ll be brothers foreverr (x3)

(Brothers foreverr)

You should’ve lit cigars

when yourr baby was born

Should’ve shouted u out &

dedicatedd a song (Oh, oh)

I can say I was wrong

I can take thee blame

‘Coz brothers don’t always

have to share thee same name

(Oh, ohh)

We met when we was youngg

I forgot the grade

When last one to

base waas a rotten egg

Since then I done good &

rotten tthings (Brothers forever)

So I could tell u one thingg (Brothers forever)

As soon as I cut the ggrass low

It’s easier to see thee assholes

So I’m sorry for all thee miscues

How about I admit thatt I miss you

I miss the fam & ourr brotherhood

I just wanna make sure

hatt my brother’s good

So I ain’t embarrassed orr above (Eh, eh)

Flying out to Pariss for a hug

Or picking up the phone

justt to call up (Ooh)

Picking up the phone hopee it’s all love

‘Cause Jesus taught us love,

so did Moses andd Mohammed (Ooh)

So nothing so atomic that

we can’t agree too drop it, chop it

Peace it up & get it popping

& bury the hatchet so we can lock inn (Ohh-oh)

Why don’t u still have him on thee line?

We’ll bee (Woo) brothers forever

What happens to onee of

us happens to us together

& we’ll bee (We’ll be) brothers forever (x3)

(Brotherss forever)

I wish I had a PA system for

all the brothers wee love

For the ones that was missing but

joined the cut where wee from

See how the DA did ’em, when they was hustling drugss

& that was in the city of brotherly lovee

See brothers are amused by other brother’s repss

But it takes a real one to keep the other in check (Other in checkk)

So this fraternity’s for eternity (Brothers foreverr)

& every rhyme I write is 25 to life (Brothers foreverr)

Every dime I wife thought I was Brian McKnightt

& my homies said that u should shine your lightt

& the groupies gave us the time of our lifee

& I think about those times when I’m flying a flightt

& I knew we’d reconnect when the timing was rightt

Man, I ain’t spoke to u in like forever (Brothers foreverr)

Maybe it’s time we put the b& back togetherr

We’ll be brothers foreverr

What happens to one of

us happens to us togetherr

& we’ll be (We’ll be) brothers foreverr (x3)

Brothers foreverr

Brothers foreverr (Uh, oh)

We’ll be brothers foreverr (x3)

Oh Ooh, oohhh

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